Capital Campaign

To enhance, enlarge and sustain the services provided by the OCGS, a capital campaign was initiated in the summer of 2014 to raise $5 million to establish the Oklahoma Geoscience Center and fund the preservation of and future online access to our paper records.  The campaign will continue indefinitely.

The Oklahoma Geoscience Center serves as headquarters for the Society and the Geological Library and provides a location for member events, industry activities and continuing education opportunities. 

Our capital campaign will fund:

The Purchase and Renovation of the Oklahoma Geoscience Center

Our newly renovated two story facility, which we occupied in January, 2015 has over 18,000 square feet of usable space.  The first floor and basement are devoted to the Geological Library and staff offices.  The second floor contains a large meeting space for continuing education opportunities and networking events along with our conference room and a kitchen suitable for use by caterers.  Restrooms are located on both the first and second floors.

The Oklahoma Geoscience Center positively impacts the entire state of Oklahoma – not just geologists and others who are active in the industry. Your investment today will pay dividends for future generations. Those who study the geosciences will have the necessary resources available to further their academic and practical field interests. Industry professionals will have the framework to help develop and enhance their careers and businesses. And Oklahoma – home to some of the foremost energy experts in oil, natural gas, wind and water – will continue to advance as a leader in the world energy market.

Digitizing the Geological Library

The Geological Library contains over two million historic well logs, scout tickets and other essential geological information from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Arkansas dating back to the early 1900s. Many of these documents are original paper logs and scout tickets that cannot be found in any other online commercial services and have no digital backup. The digitized information will be available through a robust website to provide easy access for members. Delivering this critical historical data electronically will enable geologists and oil and gas companies to make decisions more efficiently with a better understanding of prior drilling events and their impact on future exploration and development activities.

Why is this important?

With the ever growing Oklahoma energy market and the demand for more qualified geoscientists from the energy and other natural resources industries, there is a need for the OCGS to play a larger, more active role in the scientific community and the development and support of the geology profession.

  • OCGS members will play a larger role in developing careers in geosciences, helping students and those new to the geology profession advance their knowledge by serving as mentors and resources.
  • With technological advances, Oklahoma energy producers are positioned to grow our state’s economy and quality of life. The OCGS offers resources to help geologists make informed decisions, providing the firm foundation of historical drilling data not found anywhere else. Many energy companies got their start from the data found in the OCGS library.
  • Conversations about the energy industry and its impact on the environment are increasing. OCGS members are ready for our expert voices to be heard in public conversations, providing a clear science-based interpretation of geologically-related events.
  • Issues like the availability of water are a growing concern, and the geological community can play a role in identifying solutions and interpreting data.

Giving Levels

  • $1 million - Building Naming Rights - NO LONGER AVAILABLE - acquired by Devon Energy
    Includes signage on the building and name included in all references to the Oklahoma Geoscience Center.
  • $1 million - Library Naming Rights 
    Includes naming rights of both the physical and online libraries. Signage will be included in the library, name will be prominently placed on the log-in page of the online library and name will be included in all references to the OCGS Geological Library.
  • $500,000 - Event Space Naming Rights 
    Includes naming rights of the second floor event space where membership events, networking and professional development opportunities will be held.
  • $250,000 - Conference Room Naming Rights - NO LONGER AVAILABLE - acquired by SandRidge Energy
    Sponsorship of the OCGS conference/board room.
  • $100,000 - Gold Placement on the Capital Campaign Plaque 
    Gold placement on the plaque that will be displayed in the Oklahoma Geoscience Center.
  • $75,000 - Silver Placement on the Capital Campaign Plaque 
    Silver placement on the plaque that will be displayed in the Oklahoma Geoscience Center.
  • $25,000 - Bronze Placement on the Capital Campaign Plaque 
    Bronze placement on the plaque that will be displayed in the Oklahoma Geoscience Center.
  • $10,000 - Name included on Capital Campaign Plaque 
    All gifts over $10,000 receive placement on the plaque that will be displayed in the Oklahoma Geoscience Center.
  • $1,000 - Website Listing 
    All gifts over $1,000 will be listed among capital campaign donors on the OCGS website.

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We're looking forward to hearing from and recognizing you!

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