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To post a position, contact Michelle @ [email protected]



  • Suzanne M .Rogers, CPG #6060, SIPES #2729  

[email protected]



Property Valuation, Prospect Evaluation

Mineral Acquisition, Prospect Generation  

Specializing in North Central Oklahoma



  • Travis Wilson – Consulting Geophysicist – SIPES#3466

2D & 3D Seismic Interpretation, Geological Mapping, & Prospect Generation.

Rapid Turnaround on seismic fault hazard mapping for horizontal plays.

In-house Kingdom Seismic Software, Petra Geologic Software, Oklahoma Well and Production Data, Pangaea account, and Mid-Continent Geologic Library membership.

Phone: 405-229-6563

Email: [email protected]

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D.b.a. Bluestem Resources, LLC

3750 W. Main, Suite 230

Norman, OK 73072