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  • James W. (Jim) Roberts, PG
[email protected]

Professional Engineering Consultants, P.A. – Water Sourcing & Management – Upstream & Midstream

10017 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Bldg. C, Suite A

Oklahoma City, OK 73159

  •        “Marginal” (brackish) groundwater sourcing
  •         Water resource development, collection, conveyance and storage
  •         Regulatory assistance and permitting
  •         Site / civil engineering design – fixed assets
  •         Process design
  • Harold W Hanke
[email protected]
Interested in consulting projects in NW Oklahoma and Creek County, OK


  • Roger K. Soderberg, CPG 3640
[email protected]
Field Studies, Prospect Generation, Expert Witness Testimony.  Anadarko Basin, Texas Panhandle, East Texas, North Louisiana, South Texas, South Louisiana
  • John Pat Boyd, PE-Ok, SPEC
dba Boyd Engineering
1116 Westwood Drive
Stillwater, Ok 74074
[email protected]
Interested in consulting projects in Oklahoma providing all phases of Petroleum Engineering & Wellsite Supervision.
  • James B Jackson – AAPG-CPA, SIPES, Reg. Geologist, Arkansas, California
11017 St Charles Ave
Oklahoma City OK 73162
[email protected]
405/722.1237 home
405/818.8656 cell
Daily or long term consulting projects in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Gulf Coast, Wellsite geology, expert witness Corporation Commission, Log analysis, minerals, environmental-hydrology




  • Tim Brandon

Tim Brandon Geological Consulting LLC

[email protected]

(918) 629-0260


Unconventional and Conventional Resource Exploration | Development | Production | Operations | Exploitation |  OCC Plats & Expert Witness Testimony

 Skilled geologist highly experienced in petroleum exploration, development, and production.  Proficient with Petra/Kingdom/Boresight software.  Asset development planning, horizontal well planning, geosteering skills.  A creative, innovative oil and gas finder focused on the Midcontinent, the Permian Basin, the Fort Worth Basin, East Texas, Central Texas (and Texas in general), the Appalachian Basin and other US basins.

Reservoir studies and reports, generate oil and gas prospects, 2D-3D seismic interpretation, evaluate prospect submittals, assess additional geological potential of producing properties and acquisition and divestiture packages, due diligence, Phase I, II, & III environmental site assessments, identify additional Proven Undeveloped/PUD locations, compile geological plats and provide expert witness testimony at Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) oil and gas regulatory spacing, increased density and forced pooling hearings, well site geological operations supervision, log analysis/formation evaluation/petrophysics/geological reservoir property computations, geological support for reservoir engineering, drill stem test/DST operations and analysis, conventional coring operations and evaluation of core analysis results, drill cuttings sample description and sample logging.

 Licensed Professional Geologist in Texas, Arkansas, Arizona.  American Institute of Professional Geologists-Certified Professional Geologist.



 The Oklahoma Geological Survey is looking to hire a field-oriented geologist with a background in surficial or near surface geology, hazards, environmental geology, and/or geological engineering. 

Job Description



Impac Exploration Services is hiring---Job Summary

We are looking to hire excellent people and expect excellence.  People who want to work in the Mid-Continent Basins and progress their careers within their fields of study.  Our work is both challenging as well as rewarding.  All candidates should expect to work in outdoor and indoor environments in remote locations.  Work high profiles exploration projects which require extreme levels of communication and geological understanding.  Have a passion for science and career development.

Minimum requirements:

·        4-year geoscience degree or have 2 years of field geology experience

·        Reliable transportation

·        Valid driver’s license

·        Strong written and verbal communication skills

·        Ability to work within a multidisciplinary team environment

·        Willingness to work varying schedules in remote locations

Applicants may submit resumes on Indeed or on our website @

Job Type:  Full-time






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