OCGS Devon Geoscience Center

The Oklahoma City Geological Society and Library completed it's move to a new, permanent location in early January, 2015.  At the time, the move was made for two specific reasons, the first being that the First National Center (where the library had been located since 2001) did not offer a lease extension due to the pending redevelopment of the property.  The second, and better reason was that the organization was able to take able to better control its future, no longer being subject to the decisions of a landlord.

The historic brick building consists of three floors, two above ground plus a full basement.  It was constructed in 1923 and was the original home of the Oklahoma Cotton Growers Association.  Our architect, Mass Architects, Inc. designed the exterior and interior to meet our operational needs and Clyde Riggs Construction served as our general contractor.

In the summer of 2016 the ownership of the building was transitioned to the Mid-Continent Geological Library, Inc. (MCGL) in conjunction with the creation of the 501(c)(3) for the library.  The first floor is devoted to geological data library content, geologists work spaces, staff offices and restrooms.  The basement contains additional geological data library content as well as reference materials, documents, journals, maps, etc. along with work areas and space for MCGL part-time staff who are performing document scanning and indexing for preservation of our irreplaceable materials.

The second floor offers a large, open multi-function area.  This space is used to host OCGS luncheon and dinner meetings. It has full, interactive audio/visual capabilities for presentations.  This space doubles as work area for library users.  The second floor also houses a conference room, kitchen and restrooms.

Ample, free, street-level parking is available on the west side of the building.

To cap off our move, Devon Energy made a very generous contribution of $1,000,000 to the OCGS Capital Campaign and secured naming rights for the building, which is now identified as the OCGS Devon Geoscience Center.  We are glad to have the construction process and our move behind us allowing us to host MCGL users on a daily basis and Society members at organizational functions.