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March 17th, 2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM





MARCH 17, 2021 12:00-1:00PM


Operations Manager, Delft Inversion  

Delft, The Netherlands      

“Theory and Applications of Wave-Equation-Based AVO Seismic Inversion, WEB-AVO”

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In the E&P industry, AVO inversion is a well-established methodology to derive reservoir properties from seismic data. Traditionally, this method is based on a linearization of seismic wave-propagation, meaning that the used data model assumes primary reflections only. In this webinar, Hansel Gonzalez, Operations Manager of Delft Inversion, will present a wave-equation based AVO technology. WEB-AVO iteratively solves the wave-equation and accurately models complex wave-propagation including multiple scattering and mode conversions over the target interval. As a consequence, quantitative reservoir properties can be derived from band-limited seismic data. Another unique aspect of WEB-AVO is that it solves directly for compressibility (inverse of bulk modulus) and shear compliance (inverse of shear modulus). These parameters turn out to be much more suitable to detect changes in reservoir fluids and lithology than can be achieved with conventional parameterizations, e.g. acoustic impedance, shear impedance, Vp/Vs. The presentation will include a high-level explanation of the technology and various case studies from different geological plays. 



Hansel Gonzalez has 20 years of experience working in reservoir geophysics. He joined the industry at Veritas DGC in 2001 after graduating from The University of Oklahoma with his M.S., working under John P. Castagna. His career has been focused on seismic reservoir characterization, dynamic and static, at all stages of field life from both the service company and operator perspective. Hansel's PhD work consisted of constraining the dynamic model via the use of 4D seismic on a deepwater West Africa field, while also holding an Executive Master of Management in Energy degree, jointly issued by the Institut Français du Pétrole and the BI Norwegian School of Management. His experience ranges from basin-wide exploration to development and production of both conventional and unconventional resources worldwide, and now venturing into quantitative seismic applications for the Geothermal industry, while being based between the US and Northern Europe. Hansel joined Delft Inversion in 2019 and is currently their Operations Manager, where he leverages his experience to apply the next generation AVO technology, WEB-AVO, to improve and increase the range of solutions provided by quantitative seismic methods to O&G and Geothermal operators.