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November 30th, 2021 12:00 PM

Annual Christmas Party 

                             We hope you will join us for…

The OCGS Christmas Party December 2nd


The Greens Country Club

13100 Green Valley Dr.

Oklahoma City


Tickets $50/person

Cash Bar 

Please bringing a toy for Sunbeam Family Services

(S.T.E.M. toys are much appreciated. If you are unable to attend but would like to donate a toy,

you can drop it off at the OCGS office) 

RSVP by NOON on November 24th  


For several years, Paula Gates, Chief Program Officer for Early Childhood Services, has shared a few words at our get-together around the incredible STEM work they are doing with young children and their families at Educare OKC, the flagship early care and education center for Sunbeam.


Paula shared the following:

Bring to mind the Scientific Method- you know, the one you learned in middle school or junior high.

  • Step 1- Question.
  • Step 2-Research.
  • Step 3-Hypothesis.
  • Step 4-Experiment.
  • Step 5-Observations.
  • Step 6-Results/Conclusion
  • Step 7- Communicate

Now think about any baby or young child you know. They use this method to learn and discover about the world around them every single day. Even a brand new infant will cry out to be held in those first early days, searching to see who picks them up and holds them close. They learn the smell of their mother, their father, the sound of their footsteps and voice- and create a hypothesis of what will happen when they cry. Then they test that. Sometimes in the wee hours of the night (!)- but they cry, they get a response- they cry, they get the same response- and they observe that they are cared for, and conclude that they can trust the world around them.

Now think about the baby who cries out and no one picks them up. They try again and again- What is their conclusion? Exactly- that maybe the world is not a trusting place, maybe they are not cared for… All of this research, assessment of data and conclusion, without understanding that perhaps mom is a teen-ager, or homeless, or struggling with the millions of things people experience in our world today.

Our early care and education program at Sunbeam creates and implements classroom environments with educated, caring teachers to support the development and growth of young children who maybe didn’t have the optimum results to their hypothesis.  Right alongside, our family advocates work with parents to help establish goals and finds a path out of poverty and towards success for themselves and their child. The whole family wins, and the community wins. The available workforce, the reduced drain on resources, and the overall improved economic stability of the state are results of investing in a child under five.

Once again, our 2020-2021 focus is STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Have you ever seen two small boys engineer wooden blocks to create an architectural structure that is taller than they are? We would gratefully appreciate any gifts or donations of STEM toys for children birth to five for children in one of our fifteen child care and education centers across the metro.

As Covid presents unique challenges to giving this year, please email Paula at  and she will help you figure out how to drop off,  mail or donate directly at: